Some updates

Please let me know if you find some thing that is broken.

  • You can no longer add the same spell twice to the active spellbook.
    • The message will now show how many spells that was added.
  • Level 0 spells are now called "Cantrip"
  • Manage spellbooks no longer lists the spells for that book.
    • You can still click on the name of the book to remove spells
    • Renameing the spellbook will be added later
  • Elemental Evil spells are no longer imported by default when you create a new spellbook.
    • You can choose to include all the EE spells for that class.
  • When you are viewing a spell you can now add or remove that spell from the active spellbook .
  • When you list spells and have a active spellbook you now have a symbol to add or remove the spell from that spellbook directly from the list.
    • The page will still reload for every add / remove you perform, this will be changed in the future.
  • When you view a spellbook the TOC list on the side now shows the spells level.