Ok, so this is a early beta

Don't hang me if something is not working

After you have created an account you can head over to Manage spellbooks and create your first spellbook. Select what class it's based on, enter a name and choose if you want all the spells for that class to be imported upon creation.

To be able to add new spells to a spellbook you have to ACTIVATE it. Head over to the spells section and start adding more spells. You can add just one spell or in bulk (button on top). Right now you can add the same spell multiple times so, you know, try not to do that.

Under Mange spellbooks you can delete the whole spellbook, remove one spell at a time or hit the name of your spellbook to remove them in bulk (button on top). You can even select a part of your spells and genereate the same PDF / spell cards as before

Under the Spellbooks-menu you can see your complete spellbook. This page will be (when I have the time) focused on displaying the spells on a tablet or mobile platform. You can order the spells by name or level.

I think this is it for now, I hope you like the changes and remember that this is a beta. New features will come when I have the time and inspiration.