Facebook competition ended

So we have reached 10 000 users and the competition is ended. 

I still in the middle of moving. This means no Internet, no RPG no computers.. I don't even know when the Internet will be installed (the horror !!!!).

I'll need to make this a bit shorter than I first intended. But I'm glad that so many of you participated in this competition and I feel like more will come. I've gotten some nice feedback from a couple of users and it's always nice to get a PM or mail from you. But keep in mind I might need a bit longer to reply for the next couple of weeks.

I hope you all have a nice summer with lots of gaming. Dont forgett to share this page with your friends. And follow me on Twitter / FB to keep track for new features.

Morgana Freya is the 10 000 user to register and wins an ad-free account.
Damian Torres Kihleng wins the ad-free account.
Kegan Darkwing May is the winner of the T-shirt.