Email + Facebook

Updated the email provider

I noticed that some mails for the password-reset didn't get delivered to the users so Im trying out another solution. I hope this will work out for you.

Facebook login!

You are now able to:
1. Register a new account using Facebook.
2. Login with facebook if the email address is the same as on D&D-spells
3. Connect your D&D-spells-account with a Facebook account for easy login. Take a look under User Profile.

I'm working on a survey.

I need to know what why to go from here. A final kind of version / layout for the page is needed. And even though it's nice to have a dark background (portable devices) I personally don't like it.
The only thing I like with the new navigation is the easy access to swap between active spellbooks. But Im thinking about moving it back to the top again. More about this later this or next week.