Elemental Evil spells are here!

But just for logged in users..

It didn't take so long to fix. All the spells from the ELEMENTAL EVIL PLAYER'S COMPANION is now added to the site.
To be able to access them you need to have an account and be logged in (will be listed with the other spells). This might be revised when the beta has ended.

  • When you create a new spell book and choose to import the spells for that class, ALL THE ELEMENTAL EVIL SPELLS WILL BE INCLUDED! 
  • From the spell page, and manage spell page, you can sort the new spells with a Yes/No filter (as if it were a ritual / concentration). 
  • When you view a spell, a text next to the spell will let you know it's a EE-spell. 
  • When you view a spell, the information about page number have been updated to account for the EE spells 
  • When you view a spell, it now lets you know which class it belongs to.
  • When you view a spell, you can now add it to the active spellbook.