It's getting crowded !

We are only about hundred new accounts away to hit 8 000 users!
10 months ago I wrote the article; 100 and counting (100 accounts) and look at this now. I couldn't imagine that this page would grow like this.
Thank you for all the kind words I've gotten over these past months. Not only about the new design but for the core features on this page.

To celibrate I'm gonna double up on the donations this weekend. In other words. This Friday through Sunday you can disable the ads for only 5$.

In other news.

Im in the middle of revaluate the spell-light-beta-page. One way to go is to make it directed at mobile phones. It would still work on dekstops but perhapps lack some.. swag.
The other way is to build a mobile app. But I haven't decided yet.