Two days in

So, almost two days have passed and things are going.. ok.. A little bug here, a typo there. Bear with me for a couple of days. Some optimization needs to be done as well.

A couple of people have approached me about the new layout. Asking if there is a chance that they can change the background color to some thing more dark. And yes.
If you have an account you can navigate to User Profile --> Layout and choose from six color schemes and if you want it on light or dark background. Neat huh ? So yes, you'll need an account, but it's totally awesomenessly free so why not?

Again, I have to thank all of you who's been in contact with me telling me what a time saver this site is for their gaming groups. And to all of you have been patience with the errors and the constant tweaks over these six months.

And to you donors.. You really help me going when things look dark. Without you I'd probably would have left this site in the gutter. You are the MVP. Thank you.

-// The DM