The end is the beginning is the end

So most of you wanted custom spells (84%) so I guess it's back to the long nights of coding again =D

34% of you wants a whole new page with only the custom spells.
37 % of you wants a whole new page that includes the original spells as well.
25% of you wants the keep the old page but include custom spells with a filter-function.

I'm still brainstorming with myself here. But It's nice with feedback and you seem to like my surveys so let's boot up another one.

I'm struggling how to implement this. If every other user would create one own custom spellbook and half of them gets public the server will have a really bad day displaying them.
So, we need to seperate them some how. At least the creating / browsing part.
And what happens if the creater / owner updates the content of the spell? Should that reflect every one who use that spell? What if he deletes it?

Ok, but here it is, some follow-up-questions to help me get started. Hope you don't mind.