Is the beta over?

Perhaps it's time to end the beta.

The number of reported bugs is down to zero (I hope that you just blindly accept an error) and I dont get many new requests for new features. I feel like the site works "ok" and I can move on. The site will need a new look and some features might be rewritten and optimized.

The rate of new registered users have lowered a bit and about hundred new users is created ever other day (I still think it's freakin' awesome number).
I get some donations every now and then and it helps me with the cost of maintaining the server. Thank you all. I understand why not all of you can make  a donation, but perhaps you can share the tools with your friends instead? Thanks !

I haven't gotten the help with checking the spells and moving at-higher-level and components to it's right order as promised. But both me and that user have had a full schedule. Perhaps one of you want to give it a go?

The holidays is upon us and I hope that you all will have good time with friends and families. And to all the GMs out there.. Give your RPs a +2 hit-bonus as a present ;)