This will be fixed next.

  • You can still add the same spell more than once, if you remove one of them from the spellbook both will get removed.
    • Solution: The spell can only be added once
  • Level 0 spells will from now on be called Cantrip.
    • This will go live on the next release
  • Manage spellbook will be revised. There's really no need to list all the spells and individually remove them.
    • Solution: Under manage spellbook, the spellbooks will be listed. You can change name and set one as active. But to remove spells you have to click on the name to go into the spellbook and go through the list.
  • Request: To be able to read the spells description from the list of spells with out leaving the list.
    • Solution: Perhaps a collapsing window, same as under the manage spellbook. The page might get a bit slower to load, but I will take a look.
  • To be able to mark a spell as "prepared" and when you view the spellbook only filter those spells.
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