999 bottles of beer on the wall

Or even better ! 999 accounts !

I can't believe it! Im getting some nice feedback every day and a couple of requests every week. Im really glad that people find this tool useful. 

The number of error-reports is down to around 0,2 / week so perhaps it's time to leave the beta-stage. But I keep adding more and more features and I do rewrite the code to optimize the load time for the pages. 

You got the "prepared" feature last week and by now I really wanted to fix the issue that the the page had reload every time you toggle a spell. You have to be patience for a bit longer.  When that is fixed I will move on to spell slots and later on revise all the spells. Rearrange components and separate "at higher level", and yeah, go over the spelling. 

And if you do want to buy me a beer, use the Donate-button. Thanks.

(when i was finished with this article, the 1000 account was created)