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Some useful guides

We all start at level 1. Eager to get shit done but often to blind to know where to go.

I thought a couple of guides might be useful to get the users started. More might get added later on, and probably remade, re-remade, new release with commentary and later on 4k. Try to collect 'em all!
But until then, these will have to do. Enjoy

When you can't run, you crawl, and when you can't crawl - when you can't do that...
- You find someone to carry you.

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Now, lets create your first spellbook Spellbook

Not everyone needs a persistent spellbook, but they are pretty neat. Take a look!

Let's add some spells to the active spellbookSpellbook

Remember that you need to have an active spellbook to be able to add spells.

Remove spells from your spellbooks Spellbook

There's a difference when you remove the spells. Under Manage Spellbook you can remove spells from the spellbook you currently manage, but from the other pages only the active spellbook will be updated.

Generate spell cards from a spellbookSpells

You don't need to generate spell cards from all your spells in a spellbook. Perfect when you just want to bring some of the spells with you to the game session.

Generate spell cards without a spellbook Spells

You don't even need to generate them from a spellbook. As a DM you can quickly create spell cards for a NPC.

Prepare your spells Spells

Some times it's har do keep track of what spell are prepared, let DND-Spells spellbooks help you out.

Delete a spellbook Spellbook

*POFF* Like that.. it's gone.

Pwetty colors Account

You can choose from six colors. Each color have a dark twin to go with it.

Delete account Account

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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Words from some users

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my DM heart.

Anonymous - User

Love your site, I use it all the time, and I know my DM would have lost his hair by now without it. Our entire party uses it and it's become an invaluable resource, I look forward to seeing where you take it.

Anonymous - User

"Keep up the good work, it's a fantastic tool that has filled a gaping hole in my group's play!

Anonymous - User